Kitchen Notes’ Top Four for the Fourth

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Spend your Independence Day with Kitchen Notes

1. For Starters: Fried Green Tomatoes – Although they might not be red, white, or blue tomatoes, these fried green tomatoes are the perfect way to start your star-spangled, southern-fried holiday.

2. Main Course: All-American Cheeseburger – With American in the name, this burger is the only meal you should eat to celebrate your American patriotism. Fireworks are sure to go off when you bite into this juicy burger!

3. Side: Tennessee Wildflower Honey Slaw – With the Fourth falling on a Tuesday, the family might decide to skip the annual picnic. Thanks to Kitchen Notes, you can bypass the red, white, and blues because you won’t have to miss out on the traditional picnic favorite, coleslaw, with this local, flavorful twist.

4. Dessert: Banana Pudding – As a well-known southern favorite, here at Kitchen Notes we like to say “Let Freedom and Pudding Ring!” We also suspect when our forefathers wrote our rights to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness,” they were probably referencing this delicious dessert as the key to this pursuit.

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